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Aspiring human. Occasional writer. (he/him)

It feels ridiculous to include a preface like this but our current culture of heightened scrutiny and sensationalized attacks with out of context snippets has gone to such lengths that I believe it is necessary: I am not a racist, nor do I believe that people of any skin color are better than people of any other skin color.

This, obvious but somehow requisite preface now understood, I would like to address certain behaviors, beliefs and ideas that have become increasingly popular, especially among the younger generation. I believe it is my duty, as a law-abiding citizen and lover of…

Red and blue lights flashed in the rearview mirror against the deep green foliage in this small Arkansan highway in the Ozarks. The interaction with the officer had been brief but as he walked back to his cruiser my heart raced in my chest. For the first time in my life, I felt afraid to live in my own country.

Earlier that week, a xenophobic psychopath had driven 10 hours to find the most densely populated Latino city in the United States, from his car he published a manifesto about being a “soldier” doing his part to “end the Hispanic…

You know you love me

The power elite over-saturating the people with frivolous drama and meaningless scandals constantly distracting them in order to maintain their lives of control and comfortability. Sound familiar?

It might sound like the hit CW drama, Gossip Girl starring such characters as Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Dan Humphrey and the rest of the gang. These dozen or so main characters got everyone consumed in their own ridiculous drama that no one paid attention to how terrible all of them actually are. …

The real one and the white one

Carnage, murder, rioting. It was inevitable. As American as apple pie or baseball is the guaranteed flood of white people quoting Martin Luther King Jr when there is a protest about racism.

And yet, the invocation of MLK’s name seems to rarely share a cohesive goal with the actual objectives that MLK fought for. It seems as if in a parallel universe there was another Martin Luther King Jr who was very different than the actual man but that history books and non-black persons much prefer this alternate MLK. …

Photo credit: Emma Hallstrom (@emmahallstromphoto)

A truck squealed across the intersection, a passenger hanging out the window broke the silence with a scratchy scream, “penises belong in vaginas, queerbags!”

The one hundred or so queer students and allies, myself included, remained silent and unmoved, sitting on the sidewalk outside of Brigham Young University-Idaho. Determined to honor the queer victims of suicide and hate crimes we were holding a ten-minute moment of silence. Clearly our friend in the truck had missed the memo.

Donald Trump can’t be racist because his wife is an immigrant.

This might be one of the most comedically entertaining hot takes of all time if it wasn’t so shockingly ignorant and profoundly stupid for so many different reasons.

But! It brings up a more widespread thought process, that someone can’t be discriminatory in their behaviors or thoughts if they are “qualified” to do so. …

It’s time to get serious about the Joe Biden sexual assault allegations.

Hey, listen, I get it. You worked your butts off to get Elizabeth Warren or Bernie or Andrew Yang or Mayor Pete or Kamala Harris or whoever to be the nominee. Maybe you even had a list of three or five or even 12 candidates you were excited about, and you got Joe Biden. You’re frustrated but you know, South Carolina did its thing and you gotta respect it, right? You tried to refine the pool of candidates and ended up with what you ended up with and now we gotta make sure he beats Donald Trump. Because, obviously.


After all, there are “more important things than living”

You’ve gotta hand it to them, right-wing political movements know how to create a brand. All Lives Matter, Pro-Life, Make America Great Again, America First. No matter how you feel about the movements behind them, these are all genius catchphrases that are catchy, bold, and clear in their message. “Pro-Life,” and “All Lives Matter” are particularly clever, immediately they invoke feelings of inclusivity, compassion, and humanitarianism. All the things the liberal snowflakes claim they don’t have.

“Pro-Life” is almost exclusively used as a cudgel against liberal arguments in favor of abortion, who wouldn’t want to be “Pro” when it comes…

Yep. You read that right.

Before you think I am just another neo-liberal Trump apologist in “both sidesist” clothing trying to come up with the latest political hot take in order to get some clout, hear me out.

Donald Trump’s driving motivation is not that he believes black and brown skin makes someone inferior. Honestly, I think even that amount of awareness of anyone other than himself is impossible. Indeed, Trump is not so much a racist and a white supremacist, as he is an opportunist and a Trump supremacist.

The constant obsession with ratings, press coverage, ratings and any form of popularity he can…

Peter Lopez

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